Discuss the character of Ot hello

1.Discuss the character of Ot hello.=A Christian Moor and general of the army of Venice, the much admired Othello plays various roles a respected general, an eloquent (বাকপটু) story teller and also a loving husband.His story telling capacity wins him a bride, the fair Desdemona, but makes the senator Brabantio go  against Othello.But by the end of the play he becomes an irrational, violent and insanely jealous husband who even kills his wife. He falls easy prey to Lago’s stories and his love turns in to destructive jealousy. Suspecting Desdemona and cassio’s illegal affair, his temper gets the better of him and finally he kills Desdemona. He realizes later the terrible mistake which can never berectified. Thus this jealousy becomes his major flaw which leads to his tragic. downfall_death.Through his death his lover towards his wife and his true inborn self of a romantic yet veiled (অবগুন্তিত) lover comes to the surface.

2. How did Iago vitiate the mind of Othello?or=How did Iago poison Othello’s ears against Desdemona? =Iago vitiated (বিষিয়ে দিয়েছিল) the mind of Othello by fassely accusing Desdemona of her secret love affair with  cassio’s. Othello knew that cassio’s was popular among women and he frequently visited Desdemona. Moreover, he was employed by Othello to woo Desdemona on his behalf before his marriage.But Othello was not jealous at first.It was Iago who slowly produced his jealousy against cassio’s and Desdemona.Iago also said that Desdemona cheated her father and she would also prove abetrayer to her husband.Iago prepared the stage for Othello’s had already got angry with him and demoted him from the post of a Lieutenant (বদলি). Iago asked cassio’s to plead for cassio’s restoration to the post by Desdemona.Iago tried to convince Othello by arranging all these incidents one by one to creat a bad notion about cassio’s who was Othello’s dearest confident.

3.why did Othello decide to kill his wife and himself?or=Why did Othello decide to kill himself?=In Othello, the evil Iago pretend to be a friend of Othello in order to manipulate (স্বার্থ সিদ্ধির) him to serve his own end and bring about the destruction of both Othello and Cassio.

Iago knew quite well how much pain can jealousy Bron of one’s wife’s infidelity can inflict upon a man. So it was easy for him to plant seeds of doubt about Desdemona’s adultery in Othello’s mind.He mi sled Othello to believe that Desdemona had been carrying on an affair with Cassio behind his back. Othello became tremendously infuriated when Iago informed him that Desdemonas has  gifted Cassio the handkerchief which Othello gifted her. After going through aseries of carefully plotted lies, Othello reached his breaking point at this and strangled Desde Mona to death. Soon after killing Desdemonas, Iago’s conspiracy got revealed and Othello realized that Dasdemona was innocent.Out of repentence and agony, Othello killed himself and fell upon the lifeless body of his dear wife.

4.Analyse the role of Cassio.=Cassio is introduced as avery suitable soldier with erdearing qualities Because of his amiable qualities and fair disposition, he had many a time courted Desdemonas taking Othello’s role as commanded by Othello.However this trust of Othello on Cassio which led him to raise  his position to that  of a Lieutenant was disliked by Iago . Cassio’s passionate and impulsive nature exposed him to Iago’s machinations. He got involved in a drunken kard brawl much to the despite of Othello which made him lose his rank and honour.It was Cassio who got named as the lover favoured with Dasdemona’s handkerchief and this led to the tragic downfall of Othello,and Desdemonas. Thus he was more a mere puppet in the hands of Iago then an amiable persona.

5.Explain how Iago turned Dasdemona’s gentle qualities to her destruction.=Desdemonas was portrayed from the beginning as the paragon of the blameless, innocent, divine virtue. But her virtues and intensions were turned against her by Iago. Her efforts to help Cassio were explained by Iago and he was successful in implanting a seed of suspicion in Othello’s mind. Desdemonas had confirmed her unconditional love for Othello by going against her father. But Iago provided a perverse view to this by explaining it as her mastery in the art of dissimulation. Her persuing of Othello to give back Cassio his lost position helped Iago to make Othello think that his complexion made him inferior in the eyes of Desdemonas. Then the lost handkerchief added fuel to the fire and resulted into the killing of Desdemonas by Othello. Thus it was the unfurling plot of Iago which caused the demise of Desdemona.

6.what led Desdemona to marry Othello? Or. Which stories did Othello tell Desdemona which capitivated her? =Othello was a valiant soldier and had fought many heroic battles. So, stories of his heroism was worth listening to. Also,he had been a great Traveller. He after told Desdemonas stories of his experiences in the battle, seiges and encounters, the perils he had been exposed to. He also narrated stories of his escapes when he entered a breach,or marched up to the mouth of a cannion, how he demeared himself in that state and escaped. All these stories of bravery and heroism captivated Dasdemona’s heart. She eagerly gulped stories of  Othello’s visit to foreign countries, the vast wilderness and romantic caverns, Rocky and lofty mountains, of savages and cannibals,of the Anthropophagi in Africaetc.

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