Karma Part 2

4. Describes Sir Mohan Lal’s opinion about the Indian people and culture. 

= Sir Mohan Lal , well bred in English manner and culture, always looked  down upon Indians. To him Indians were dirty, inefficient, indifferent and common place .They showed  examples of bad breeding with their  excitement, bustle and hurry. Moreover, Indians had the habit of showing signs of eagerness to talk to the English people. They were loud ,aggressive and opinionated,always  smelling of sweat and raw onions. It was quite in contrast to his aroma of eau de cologne,  talcum powder and scented soap. Their illiteracy made them a laughing stock to the English people. All these ideas about the Indians showed Sir Mohan Lal’s distaste and disgust for the Indian people  and culture. 

5. Briefly describe the conflict between Sir Mohan Lal and the soldiers. 

Or. Describe the encounter of Sir Mohan Lal with the English Soldiers. 

= Sir Mohan Lal was eagerly waiting for some English men to be his fellow passengers. Bill and Jim, two British soldiers, boarded the compartment.But instead of getting impressed by Sir Mohan’s English accent or his English attire , they called him a ‘nigger’ Their racism made them throw Sir Mohan’s suitcase, thermos flask, bedding and ‘The Times’ – in which he took so much pride,when Sir Mohan protested, stopping for a moment they heard his accent, but recovered soon.Jim stuck him flat on the face and with the whistle of the train, they flung him out on the platform. He tripped on his bedding and landed on the suitcase,dumbfounded, being humiliated and disillusioned beyond recognition. 

6. Narrate the different ways which Sir Mohan adopted to impress the Englishman who travelled with him.

= Though Sir Mohan was eager to have Englishman as co-passengers,he never showed his desire to talk to them.He went about his business with an expressionless matter of factness. He would move to the corner and take out a copy of ‘The Times’ which always attracted attention. He then solved the crossword puzzle as a display of his knowledge of English words. The name of the paper would be displayed properly with the intention of getting someone interested in it. He would also 

Smoothen his Balliol tie – symbol of the Balliol College, Oxford. If both of these failed , he would summon his bearer and order the scotch which never failed with Englishman. Finally, his gold cigarette case full of English cigarettes, he thought would follow to begin a conversation which would revive memories of his dear old England. 

7. Describe how Sir Mohan Lal remembers the five years of stay in England .

= Sir Mohan Lal looked after the memory of his five years stay in England. He studied at the Balliol College, Oxford. This stay had helped him acquire the manner and attitudes of the upper classes. It had also helped him adopt the anglicised speaking of native words.He could talk on any subject- books,politics,people. He recollected the fairy land of Oxford Colleges,masters,boat – races,rugger matches etc.He also ruminated the glorious five years of grey boys and gowns , sports blazers and mixed doubles,of dinners at the inns of court and nights at Piccadilly. He considered them as the best years of a crowded distinguished life,with far more than the forty five years in India .

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