Karma Question Answer part 1

1. Sketch the character of sir Mohan Lal in the short story ‘Karma’.

= Sir Mohan is a pretender and suffers from spiritual poverty and lack of good breeding.In his blind imitation of British culture,and hateful attitude to all that are indian he proves himself a betrayer to India.He is the prefect product of British colonialism (ঔপনিবেশিক ). While trying to prove his aristocracy he actually  lays bare his slavish attitude. It is evident  that Sir Mohan is unrealistic and lives in an imagination. The boasting of his high birth, enviable educational background , scholarship, British dress and style land him nowhere. He is neither a British nor an Indian now. Completely defeated by vanity (দম্ভ),cynicism (উন্নাসিকতা) and prejudice he loses all his identity remaining helpless and dumb at the end.

2. Sketch  the character of Lachmi in the short story ‘Karma’.

= Of the two important characters of Khuswant Singh’s short story ‘Karma’ Lachmi is one.She is the wife of the vizier and barrister Sir Mohan Lal. She is an ordinary woman. She does not know English. Even she can not imitate British culture. The most significant part of her character is she is uncomplaining. She tells the porter on the platform why she is a mismatch for her highly educated and sophisticated (বাস্তুববুদ্ধিসম্পন্ন) husband. She loves to gossip because she has none in the family to talk to her.Even her relatives are not allowed to come.Through these words Lachmi’s isolation (বিচ্ছিন্নতা) and loneliness are evident. They way she chews Bitel leaves and spits the betel saliva of her simplicity and ordinariness.

3. Describ Lachmi as presented in the story ‘Karma’

Or Give a brief description of the appearance of Lady Lal.

= Lachmi is a native woman,short,fat and in her mid forties.She is dressed in a dirty white Saree with a red border. She wears a diamond nose ring and gold bangles and carries a silver betel leaf case.But her rustic nature makes her carry a brass tiffin carrier also with cramped chapattis and mango pickle.  She is a simple woman who loves to gossip and chat even with the coolie. She shows lack of sophistication in emitting loud belches and moping her hand in her Saree.The dark side of her life is also revealed where she is ignored by her husband and has to stay aloof in the upper storey of the house and make herself comfortable in a zenana  interclass, 4th too alone. But she does not complain against such misconduct. Rather she meekly accepts the domination of her husband and proves herself to be an obedient wife. 

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