Meeting at Night Part 2

1.Describe how the speaker in Robert Browning’s poem,’Meeting at Night’journeys on the sea to meet his lover:

(OR) Describe the meeting of the lovers at night in Browning’s poem,’Meeting at Night:

(OR) Write the substance of the poem “Meeting at Night” by Robert  Browning.

—àA strange passion seized the heart of the lover.Deep was his desire to meet his beloved at night.Before him lay the vast stretch of sea.Overhead was the yellow half moon.The lover braved all odds.He was out on the uncharted sea in a boat.The sleepy sea did not expect  a visitor at the odd  hours.Little waves rose as the ship advanced.Once it reached the bay.The boat was anchored.The lover was landed.Along  the shore he walked on.He crossed three fields.He reached a farm.The lover stood before the closed door of his beloved.He gave a night  tap and a quick sharp scratch on the window pane.At once flashed a blue tongue of light from inside.A suppressed was heard.It was softer then the beating  of two loving hearts in perfect  union.

2. Describe the man’s journey from the seabeach to his sweet heart’s  residence.what  happens  three?

—àAfter escaping the dangers of the sea and the eyes of the public,the lovers pulls his vessel up into a shore.He lands  on the beach and walks  a mile along the warm sea scented beach.Then he crosses three fields to reach a farmhouse  where his beloved waits for him in profound sedusion.

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