Meeting at Night Question & Answer

1.Describe how the speaker in Robert Browning’s poem,’Meeting at Night journeys on the sea to meet his lover.   (OR) Describe the meeting of the lovers at night in Browning’s poem,’Meeting at Night’.   (OR) Write the substance of the poem ‘Meeting at Night’ by Robert Browning.   

—>A strange passion seized the heart of the lover.Deep was his desire to meet his beloved at night Before him lay the vast stretch of sea.Overhead was the yellow half moon.The lover braved all odds.He was out on the uncharted sea in a boat.The sleepy sea did not expect a visitor at the odd hours.Little waves rose as the ship advanced.Once it reached the bay.The boat¬† was anchored.The lover was landed.Along the shore he walked on.He crossed three fields.He reached a farm.The lover stood before the closed door of his beloved.He gave a light tap and a quick sharp scratch on the window pane. at once flashed a blue tongue of light from inside.A suppressed was heard.It was softer than the beating of two loving hearts in perfect union.

2.Describe the man’s journey from the seabeach to his sweetheart’s residence.what happens there? 

 —>After escaping the dangers of the sea and the eyes of the public,the lover pulls his vessel up into a shore He lands on the beach and walks a mile along the warm sea scented beach.Then he crosses three fields to reach a farmhouse where his beloved waits for him in profound sedusion.   —->The lover makes his presence felt by taping at the window pane.The beloved responds forthwith by striking a match stick.In the blue flame of the lighted match stick two passionate souls exchange their looks.The beloved’s voice is hushed up in the simultaneous beating of their hearts.Thus the outcome of the journey is the secret meeting between two lovers at night.Since the theme has its full reflection in the title of the poem the title seems pithy and precise.

: 3.Consider Meeting at night is takan from Browning’s great work Dramatic romances and Lyrics.An exponent of dramatic monologues and lyrice, Browning weaves fine the features of drama and lyric in the poem.The poem is marked by a strong note of subjectivity and musical note,two important features of a lyric.The lovers passion for his beloved his hopes and fears,joys and sorrows are all personal.True to the spirit of a lyric,it has also the music of its own and a romantic setting.The poem again has such elements of a drama as action, movement and suspense.In a moonlit night the lover takes an advanturous journey on the sea.On the way he faces several odds.But braving all these he nears the shore and anchors his boat.He decends from the boat to walk a mile on the warm sea scented beach.

: 4.Bring out the appropriateness of the title of the poem Meeting at Night’. 

 —>Meeting at Night’ is a splendid dramatic lyric.The poem is about the meeting of two love laden hearts at night.A momentary passion of love makes  the lover restless.A deep longing takes him out in the sea Night is dark,way is long,the sea is icy.But the lover does not mind them.He crosses the sea,walks along the shore.Finally,he reaches his beloved’s cottage.Now is the prized moment of his life.He taps on the window pane.A light flashes,a soft,soundless call is heard.This suggests that the lovers will soon be united.Infact,the very little   suggests the theme of the poem.None can miss the delicate dramatic nuance in the title.The abrupt beginning,the precise middle and the delicate end are in perfect tune with the hidden drama of the title.So,the title is apt.

1 give a brief character sketch of sidda.

ans:- of the two most important characters of R.K. Narayan’s short story Leela’s friends sidda is one. The story writer has expressed the character marvellously and details.Though sidda belonged to the underdogs he was very smart and well spoken.He was very polite and obedient to both sivasanker and his wife.He was honest and spared no pains in discharging all his duties.He washed clothes,chopped wood,tended garden,ran errands and looked after Leela.So,he had an undisputed sincerity in doing all that Mr. Sivasankar ordered in exchange for scanty wages.Even amidst all his household chores he was very careful about Leela.It is because of his sportive attitude and rare skill of story telling that he could endear himself to little Leela.

7.Who was Leela?why did she feel attached to sidda?

 (OR) How did sidda look after Leela?   

Ans:->Leela was the little daughter of Mr. Sivasankar.   while doing house hold works sidda also kept his attention on Leela.Whenever Leela demanded his company,sidda left the work half done rushed to her.He mixed with her in a unique manner.They played with a red ball.Sidda threw the ball into the sky and caught it.When the ball fell from the sky he told Leela that it touched the moon.Thus while playing,sidda could spin yarn to please the child Leela. Leela who did not receive loving attention from her parents found in him a good friend.She felt attracted and attached to sidda

8.what is Leela’s idea about sidda?what does she say about her parents?  (OR) How does the spiritual hollowness of the upper class people come to light?   

Ans:-> Though Leela is a child,she can understand who the good chap is.When everybody in the family blames sidda for stealing the chain,Leela defends him and says categorically that he is not a thief.She protests when her parents including the police inspector interrogate him harshly and do not pay heed to his words.she protests against her mother for abusing sidda for no reason.She also complains that sidda is unjustly disallowed to sleep inside the house or sit on their chair.She indicates this ill-treatment of their parents so vividly that immediately the spiritual hollowness,the prejudice and the false vainglory of the upper class people come to light

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