Upon Westminster Bridge Question answer

The predictions had sunk too deep in Macbeth’s mind.He was thinking seriously and deeply about it.The title of the Thane of cawdor was conferred upon him by the messengers of the king.when the part of the prophecy came true,Macbeth was dumb founded.He could say nothing in reply to the messengers.He hoped that the third prophecy might be true.He imagined that one day he would reign as king of Scotland.Thunderstruck he even told Banquo that the predictions had so wonderfully come to pass in his life.Finally,he told his wife about the predictions and it’s partial fulfillment.

1.Write down the substance of the poem ‘Upon Westminster Bridge’.

-->The sight of the London city in the morning is the fairest of all sights on earth.He who  passes by the sight unmoved is really a dull soul.The marvellous beauty of the morning has covered the city now like a garment.ships,towers,domes, playhouses and temples can now be seen stretching out in to the horizon and becoming one with the surrounding fields and the sky above.All objects of nature appear resplendent in the smokeless air.The rays of the rising sun never fell so marvellously on the valleys,rocks or hills as they fell on London that day.The poet did never before experience such a profound quietness in the atmosphere.The Thames flows on unhindered at a slow pace and even the houses seem to be asleep.The mighty heart of London lies suspended in calmness. 

2.Justify the title of the poem ‘Upon Westminster Bridge’.

—->The title of the poem’UPON Westminster Bridge’ is justified as it’s theme focuses on the beauty of the London city seen from the Westminster Bridge.The theme of the poem relates the poet’s experience of the marvellous view of the sleeping city London observed from the Westminster bridge.Bathed in the bright rays of the rising sun,the smokeless city with its manmade large towers look wonderful.This spectacle of the city buried in profound solitude lends enchantment to the views as it is seen from a distance.The distinct visibility of the spectacular scene is due to the smokeless air and the clear sky.But the poet’s visible on the Westminster bridge is also contributory to the clear view of the entire city including the ships and the river gliding below.The title is thus appropriate for revealing the setting of the poem.   

 3.Describe the beauty of the city of London as reflected in Wordsworth’s poem ‘UPON Westminster bridge’.   

(OR). ‘A sight so touching in its majesty.  =Describe the touching sight in brief.   

 —>While crossing the Westminster bridge,the poet Wordsworth enjoyed the majestic morning beauty of the London city +substance.

[03/01, 8:35 am] Phalguni New: Write a brief note on the image of the poem upon Westminster bridge or command on the poets use of imagery in the poem upon Westminster bridge imagery is an important literary device it is recurrent in poetry. In fact the use of imagery helps to clarify the meaning of a poem.It also lends grace to its language.Images always appeal to human senses to deepen the reader’s comprehension of the work.in the poem,’Upon Westminster bridge’William Wordsworth uses many visual images to give us a concrete picture of the city including its manmade towers.Such words as sight, saw, garment,city,ships,towers,valley,rock,hill,houses,fields,and sky bring before the eyes of the reader’s a complete picture of what the poet observed from the Westminster bridge.Such words as bright,glittering and fair are related to colour image.There is the use of kinesthetic image in such words as pass,steep,glideth,etc.

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