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duplicate madhyamik certificate online Process Below

প্রথমে থানায় একটি জিডি (সাধারণ ডায়েরি) ফাইল করুন, যেখানে (এলাকায়) আপনি আপনার নথি হারিয়েছেন।
সেই সাধারণ পুলিশ ডায়েরির একটি প্রাপ্ত কপি নিতে হবে এবং সেই প্রাপ্ত কপিতে জিডি নম্বর লিখে রাখতে হবে।
স্কুলের প্রধানের কাছে একটি আবেদনপত্র লিখুন, যেখান থেকে আপনি মাধ্যমিক পরীক্ষায় উত্তীর্ণ হয়েছেন, আপনার আসল মাধ্যমিক নথি হারিয়ে যাওয়ার কথা জানিয়ে। এছাড়াও আবেদনপত্রে উল্লেখ করুন, আপনি একটি ডুপ্লিকেট শংসাপত্রের জন্য আবেদন করতে চান।
এখন আবেদনপত্র সংগ্রহ করুন বা ডুপ্লিকেট শংসাপত্রের জন্য ওয়েবসাইট থেকে ডাউনলোড করুন।
ক্যাপিটাল লেটারে আবেদনপত্রটি সাবধানে পূরণ করুন, আপনার মাধ্যমিক স্কুলের ইনস্টিটিউটের প্রধান দ্বারা এটি সত্যায়িত করুন এবং প্রয়োজনীয় সমস্ত নথি সংযুক্ত করুন।
আপনার বা আপনার অনুমোদিত ব্যক্তির দ্বারা পূরণকৃত আবেদনপত্রটি WBBSE-এর আঞ্চলিক কেন্দ্রে জমা দিন।

At first record a GD (General Diary) on the Police Station, where (on the area) you lost your report.
Should take a got duplicate of that General Police Diary and Note down the GD No. on that got duplicate.
Compose an Application to the Head of the School, from where you finished Madhyamik Exam, illuminating about the deficiency of your unique Madhyamik archives. Likewise notice in the application letter, that you need to apply for a copy testament.
Presently gather the Application Form or Download it from the site for copy authentications.
Fill the Application Form Carefully in Capital Letters, authenticated it by the Head of the Institute of your Madhyamik School and append every one of the expected reports.
Present the Filled Application Form to the Regional Center of WBBSE without help from anyone else or your approved individual.

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1. The archives will not be conveyed by post. It ought to be gathered by the up-and-comer or his
approved individual against Board’s case challan, acquired on installment of recommended expenses.
2. In the event of a customary up-and-comer of a school the application ought to be sent by the Head of the
Organization from which the competitor was enlisted and for CC, compartmental, Private of External
up-and-comer, the application might be sent by (I) The Headmaster or Headmistress of a perceived
secondary school, (II) The Principal of a perceived montage, (III) a Gazetted Officer of the Central or State
3. Application for the issue of any of the archives is to be appropriately countersigned and shipped off the
Delegate Secretary(Records) alongside the essential charge and following subtleties:
a) Full name of the applicant and his/her current location in full in block letter
b) The name, month and year of the Examination.
c) The name of the Institution from which he/she was sent up for the Examination concerned.
d) Correct Roll, Number and Registration No. of the competitor with Year of Examination.
e) For Duplicate authentication, either harmed piece of the testament or General Diary No. what’s more, date
with seal properly endorsed by the I.C. /O.C. of P.S. concerned ought to be connected with the
4. The archives will be made accessible for conveyance following 15 clear working days from the date of receipt
of the application and charges. The Board, in any case, saves the right-not to give any copy
archive on the off chance that it is considered fit.
5. Getting Hours at office cash counter(Application and Fees) 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. on non-weekend days
6. Reconsidered Rate of Fees:
I. Copy Certificate 100/ –
ii. Copy Mark Sheet 100/ –
iii. Copy Admit Card 100/ –
iv. Copy Registration Certificate 100/ –
NB: I) The Board will not anyway be liable for the postponement in setting up the copy due to
unavoidable conditions.
ii) Complaints for non-receipt of the records won’t be engaged after a time of 3
months from the date of accommodation.
iii) If Not Received in no less than one month from accommodation distressed occupant might write to the
Secretary, WBBSE at site

Correction Details For Certificate / Marksheet / Certificate (madhyamik Duplicate)

a. Copy to Registration Certificate, Admit Card, Mark Sheet and Pass Certificate properly verified by the concerned Head of
the Institution.
b. For Correction of Name/Father’s or alternately Mather’s Name/Surname/Middle Name/Date of Birth according to Admission Register of High
School(where the Applicant seeming Board’s Examination) Primary School(where got first confirmation) Photocopy of the
Affirmation Register/Register’s(relevant page/pages) should be bore witness to by the concerned Head of the Institution and
countersigned by D.I./A.D.I. of Schools(H.S.), Application Form for Registration in Class IX or Cheek List properly authenticated by the
concerned H.M./T.I.C.
If important, Birth Registration Certificate(Birth should be Registered with in one year of its occurrence)in instance of deferred
Birth Registration Certificate (should be submitted alongside request duplicate of the capable Authority) Photocopy of the Birth
Enlistment Certificate should be self validated/by Gazetted Officer/by D.I. of Schools(S.E.). whenever Corrected Birth Registration
Endorsement is created, then its copy of past mistaken Birth Registration Certificate is to be delivered as confirmation of
c. Helper records:-
a) I) Photocopy of Baptism declaration for understudies, ii) Photocopy of Discharge Certificate and Caste Certificate (should be
ready before Registration/seeming Board’s Examination and given by the capable power) verified by
Gazetted official or any official of WBBSE.
b) Attested copy of administration book of candidate/father(in instance of work of candidate on the ground of kick the bucket inharness). Demise Certificate of father, validated by Gazetted official/any official of WBBSE.
d. In the event of reception:-
I) Photocopy of Admission Register(relevant page) of High School should be verified by the concerned Head of the
II) Photocopy of Deed of reception with request of equipped power (Must be made under 15 years of the assenting youngster)
by any Gazetted Officer/any Officer of the WBBSE, might be engaged for change Father’s Name/Surname/Middle
Name of the candidate before the Registration by the Board.
III) Photocopy of marriage Registration Certificate(in instance of remarriage) should be verified by the Gazetted official/any
official of WBBSE.
IV) Photocopy of Decree of Divorce by the capable courtroom should be verified by any Gazetted official/any official of
V) Affidavit to be sworn before top notch Magistrate unveiling the proposed Father’s Name/Surname/Middle Name to be
VI) The personality of the competitor with the proposed change in the Name/Surname/Middle Name to be distributed in the everyday
paper and the paper cutting ought to be submitted.
e. In the event of Single Mother(Parent):-
I) Photocopy of Death Certificate of Candidate’s organic dad.
II) Photocopy of Decree of Divorce by the skillful Court of Law should be verified by any Gazetted official.
f. In the event of Gender Change
I) Photocopy of Certificate of sex Reassignment Surgery(SER) from able clinical official.
I) Requisite charge of Rs. 50/ – for each name, last name rectification
II) A. Imperative charge of Rs. 100/ – for AGE CORRECTION for normal understudies (Class-V-X)
B. Rs. 300/ – inside 3 yrs. of showing up in MP(SE)
C. Rs. 600/ – inside 3 yrs. of showing up in Board’s assessment.
N. B.:
1) Prayer for an adjustment of External Candidates won’t be engaged
2) Incomplete/tempered archives won’t be engaged.
3) Each section of each page of Admission Register of High/Primary School more likely than not been recorded and endorsed by the
concerned Head of the Institution appropriately.
4) Applicants who are applying for adjustment of Death of Birth following five years structure the extended time of elapsing/seeming Board’s
Assessment should acquire earlier authorization from the Board’s position.
5) if there should arise an occurrence of time banned applications, copy of the letter of arrangement appropriately confirmed should be submitted.

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